• Power Semiconductors- IGBT’s, Diode modules, Thyristors, Rectifier

• IGCT’s , GTO’s, Silicon Surge Voltage Surpressors

• Voltage Sensors, Current Sensors, Voltage detectors- in partnership with 5S Components

• Custom AC/DC & DC/DC Power Supplies- 25W-2000W, >90% efficiency, High Density

• Industrial, Medical, LED Lighting, Server Storage, Power Distribution, Harsh Environment

• EE Layout, Mechanical Eng. Thermal eng, Six Sigma Quality

• Thermal Management Heat Sinks- Extruded, Stamped, Bonded Fin, Fans

• Fan/Heatsink Combo,Pulse Jets, Heat Pipes, Liquid Cooling, Thermal Interface Materials

• Vaccum Brazing, Stir Welding, High Pressure Die Casts, High Density Die Casts

• Transformers: 1VA to 10KVA Single Phase, up to 30KVA Three Phase

• Power, Lighting, Medical, Audio, Control, Auto, International, Isolation, Constant, Pulse

• Toroidal Chokes, Common Mode Chokes. DC Reactors 3 Phase Reactors

• Real 75Ω BNC Coaxil Connectors: edge card, right angle, top entry PCB, top entry bulk

• mini BNC 2 part, mini BNC edge card, mini BNC R/A PCB mount, mini BNC straight PCB

• 1.0/2.3 to BNC Adapter and Patch Cable. Terminating and BNC Adapter Connectors

• Power Resistors-Snubbers, Voltage Dividers, de charge, start or charging resistors

• Wirewound/ Steel grid brake resistors, heating and dehumidifying rheostats

  • Ceramic Wirewound. In partnership with 5S components

• Non-Inductive Thick Film Resistors: High Stability, Tight Tolerance (+/- 0.1%)

• High Voltage (4kV to 48kV), High Power (1W to 800W), Low TC (25ppm to 250ppm/°C)

• Tubular Resistors up to 96kV and to 1000W (Water Cooled). High Pulse Load Resistors

• Solid State Drives- NAND Drives, NAND Controllers, Armour Drive (built in power loss)

• G-Cards NVMe/PCIe flash Cards for demanding enterprise and data center applications

• Specialty Flash Memory Small Sector Flash- reliable low power based on SST Superflash


• Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors: 33mF to 680,000mF, 6.3V to 650VDC

• Life rating: 2,000, 5000, 10,000 up to 20,000 hours. Temperature rating: up to 105°C

• Lithium ion capacitors 2.2 – 3.8V for Electric Vehicles and industrial applications

  Hitachi AIC

• Non-Inductive, Ceramic Power Resistors for limiting High Inrush Current or Energy

• Radial, Axial or Disc packages for limiting Energy from 80 Joules to 110,000 Joules

• Ceramic/Glass Tubes & Custom Resistor Assemblies. HV Resistive Safety Groundsticks



Advanced Power Components

• Metalized Polypropylene Capacitors(MPP) – High Voltage, Snubber, Motor Run

• Lighting Capacitors, PFC capacitors/assemblies, tuned & detuned filters

• EMI/RFI active and harmonic filters,Induction heating, energy storage- in partnership 5S


• Standard and Custom made Power Cords, Cordsets and Sockets/Power Strips

• Single and Multifunction Inlet Modules, EMI/RFI Filters, Fuses, Wall Sockets and Plugs

• IEC60320 North American and International Cords. IEC60320 Inlet Modules

 Interpower Corporation 

• Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Displays (TFT-LCD), Glass Bonding, -40°C to +85°C

• Low EMI Technology, Wide Viewing Angle, High Luminance, Low Reflection, 100k Hours

• Rugged Applications, Integrated Touch, Multi touch PCAP, 4 wire resistive touch, optical bond

 Mitsubishi   Electric

• Super Capacitors- Hy-Cap- Electrical Double Layer Capacitor (EDLC)

• 2.7V – 1F-500F , Snap in and Radial, over 500k cycles, -40c+65c

• 3 V, 1F-500F, Snap in and Radial, over 500k cycles, higher energy density then 2.7v