Optimum Components Inc. : Frequently Asked Questions

Does Optimum Components Inc. accept Purchase Orders?

You may fax or e-mail your purchase order directly to our Principals or you may fax or e-mail your purchase order to the Optimum Components Inc. Montreal office for us to process on your behalf.  All purchase orders should be made out to “vendor c/o Optimum Components Inc.”.  Purchase orders should be marked either “original” or “copy” to avoid duplication.

Does Optimum Components Inc. offer technical consulting services?

Optimum Components Inc. provides literature, samples, pricing and technical sales support for the Principals we represent.  Although Optimum Components Inc. is not a consulting firm, we may be able to put you in contact with the appropriate person to assist you with your design requirements.  Depending on the nature of your requirement, this person could be either a member of one of our Principals’ Application Engineering groups or one of our design consultant customers.